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NGK FILTECH LTD 公司发展 MEGCON 纯水抗静电处理系统,

此系统使用特殊过滤膜让二氧化碳进入纯水中混合使纯水的电阻值能被控制在 0.2~2 Mohm-cm. 不像传统方式将 CO2 气体或金属镁直接融入纯水中,产生二次污染一样,MEGCON 的优点是不会产生二次污染及气泡。

 Specification of MEGCON Ⅱ
Series   General-purpose series PRCII
(model numbers Listed below)
CE marking series *4 FRCII-(model numbers listed below)
Model Rack 1000AD 1200AD 2000AD 1220AD - -
Cabinet Standard/E type *1 S / ES type 1000ACD 1200ACD 2000ACD 1220ACD 1000ACD-E 2000ACD-E
1000ACD-S 1200ACD-S 20000ACD-S 1220ACD-S 1000ACD-ES 2000ACD-ES
Performance Maximum flow (L/h) 1000 1000 2000 2000 1000 1000
Control range *2 (MΩ·cm) 0.2~2 0.1~0.5 0.2~2 0.15~1 0.2~2 0.2~2
Membrane drying mechanism Internal air pump type External air supply type
Ultrapure water Connection port Rack Hose nozzle (for ID O19 braided hose) -
Cabinet Rc 1/2 Rc 3/4 Rc 3/4
Dimensions Rack 480W x 355D x200H mm -
Cabinet( S / ES) 520W x 400D x 1150(1415)H mm 520W x 470D x 1150(1390) H mm
Weight Rack 15 kg -
Cabinet 65 kg 65 kg
Power AC100-240 V (50 / 60 Hz)
( AC100-120 V unless specifically requested )

AC 100-240 V (50 / 60 Hz)

Material of parts contacting the water Cell ( CO2 gas injection part )
àPP Tube à PVC ,braided hose
Cell ( CO2 gas injection part )àPP Tube à SUS304 ,PP,braided hose
Paint color Cabinet Munsell 2.5Y8/2 Munsell 2.5GY8.0/0.5
Standard accessories *3 Rack Instruction manual , inspection results certificate -
Cabinet Instruction manual,inspection results certificate100-120 V power:Power cord(for AC100-120V )+plug 200-240 V power:Power cord ( for AC200-240V )(For cases other than the above ,the necessary parts must be prepared by the customer.) Instruction manual ,
inspection results certificate
Power cord (for AC100-240V)
+Europe-type plug


 1: S type includes a 2-color lamp with buzzer + casters with levelers.
  ES type includes a 2-color lamp with buzzer + data output terminal box + data storage system.

 2: The minimum specific resistance is the final value at a flow of approximately 500 L/h.

 3: The following additional accessories are available.
  It is recommended that a spare cell be kept on hand at all times in case of trouble.
  ■ Spare cell
  ■ Specific resistance certificate
  ■ Specific resistance sensor for point-of-use monitoring
  ■ Data storage system (compatible OS: Windows2000, XP, Vista; connection: d-sub 9-pin)

 4: CE marking is a safety standard and labeling system that was established by EU directive.

 5. The specifications and other information listed here may be changed without notice.
  ■ To ensure safe use of the product
  ■ Be sure to read the instruction manual before using the product, and to use the product correctly.
  ■ Observe the most recent laws of the country where the product is installed that are
   related to high-pressure gas devices such as the CO2 gas cylinder used to supply CO2 gas,
   and manage the safety of these gas devices, including
   by performing regular inspections.

 Ultrapure Water Cleaning

 Electrostatic damage When there is friction between nonconductors of different materials,
 static electricity is generated.
 The causes of static electricity include friction, separation, impact, streaming, etc.
 There is much danger of static electricity generation in the cleaning process.

 ●Electrostatic discharge damage

 Fine wiring can be damaged by static electricity.
 The wiring and transistors in liquid crystal displays (TFT) can be damaged.
 Damage to even a single location in the minute pattern can lead to quality problems occuring for the entire product.

 ●Particle reattachment

 When static electricity is formed, not only is it difficult to separate foreign particles,
 but the problem of foreign  particles that have already
 been detached being attracted and attached again also occurs.
 here is also the problem of cutting particles becoming reattached to important parts of the wafer during the dicing process,
 resulting in defects occurring in later processes such as bonding.

  1. Mask, reticle
  2. Wafer process
  3. Dicing process
  4. Liquid crystal process
  5. CMP process
  Resistivity ,wafer temperature,flow
  Ultrapure water
  Resistivity at point

Features of MEGCON Ⅱ

 The MEGCON Ⅱ aims to increase the efficiency of cleaning processes and has improved functionality.

  ■ Automatic control system

 The following control methods can be used according to the application, allowing the device to be utilized in
 its optimum state.
 ● Sensor measurement control
 ● Dissociation calculation control
 ● Flow input control .

 ■ Membrane drying mechanism

 Maintenance of performance and the life of the membrane have been greatly improved by installing an obstruction  
 removal mechanism that uses vapor in the gas inlet.

  ■ Point of use monitor(optional)

   The actual resistivity at the point of use of the cleaning operation can be measured.

  ■ As part of our new corresponding product series, we have released MEGCON II with CE marking.

  ■ Data storage system(optional)

 Data for resistivity, temperature and flow can be fed into a personal computer and displayed on a graph.
 The data is stored and can be utilized in quality control of cleaning operations.
 If the carbon dioxide gas level alarm has been installed,the gas level can be viewed on screen.